You can trust Ted on this one!

May 12, 2022
You can trust Ted on this one!

As we finish the final week before voting begins, I wanted to take a moment to talk about who is endorsing me in our race for HD 52.

First, I’m so proud to have my friend Ted Cruz’s endorsement. Ted can be trusted to stand up to the left and fight for our conservative values every day in D.C.

I will be a fighter for you in the Texas House like Ted is for all of us in the U.S. Senate. I will not bow down to Republican leadership or the political establishment. My loyalty will always be to you, our district, and our local communities.

I’m also extremely proud of what local conservative leaders are saying about our campaign. Here’s just a few who are supporting me:

“Patrick McGuinness is my kind of people. I whole-heartedly support him.”
– Monica Stojanik, Mayor of Granger

“I’ve known Patrick McGuinness for over 16 years. He has long been a leader for conservative grassroots causes and he has the intelligence and diligence to be a first rate state rep for our district.”
– James Crabtree, Williamson County ESD #4 Commissioner

“I met Patrick when I first got involved in RRISD. He had three children go through RRISD in the Westwood feeder. Patrick has been extremely involved in the ISD for many years and is a key supporter of Danielle and me. He supported us when we ran last November because he knew we shared values. Patrick’s engagement for many years in the ISD prior to running is important to me. He has demonstrated that he is dedicated to conservative values especially for our children.”
– Dr. Mary Bone, Round Rock ISD Trustee

“Patrick is my pick for the state rep seat that represents my community. He is a fellow parent and taxpayer and has an impressive unmatched record as a fighter for conservative values. I have no doubt that the swamp at the Capital will not change him because he can’t be bought and has a steel spine. Please join me in voting for my friend, Patrick McGuinness.”
– Danielle Weston, Round Rock ISD Trustee

I am ready on day one to advance your best interests, take tough votes, and make the case for our values. I have been married for decades, raised a family, dealt with our public schools as a parent and taxpayer, owned a home and paid those skyrocketing property taxes, and actually worked in the private sector. 

Life experience matters. It’s why Ted Cruz trusts me. I ask for your trust and your vote next week. Early Voting runs May 16-20, and Election Day is May 24.


Patrick McGuinness

Also, if you can, please donate to our campaign–every dollar goes towards spreading our message with voters.