This is the last day to vote early!

May 20, 2022
This is the last day to vote early!

Our team has been working hard and talking to voters all week. I’ve particularly enjoyed the time I’ve had sharing this experience with my wife Celeste. We’ve put so much into this campaign and I’m proud to be able to share these moments with her.

One thing I’ve been reminded of as this campaign closes is that issues matter. That is what this is all about: sending someone to represent you in state government who you can trust to champion the issues that matter to you and your family.

Because I am a true, unapologetic constitutional conservative, you can trust that what I say I am passionate about, I will truly fight for.

I am not beholden to the Austin Establishment, or lobbyists, or special interests. The fact is, all of those forces have rallied around my opponent.

I am beholden only to you and the promises I’ve made:

-Secure the border even if Texas has to go it alone!
-Institute real property tax relief through the buydown of local school M&O property taxes.
-Empower parents in their children’s education, focus schools on their core education mission, and end leftist indoctrination in our schools.
-Pushback against Biden’s failed agenda and mandates.
-Protect life and our 2nd Amendment.

Early voting ends TODAY Friday, May 20, and Election Day is May 24. I need your help if we’re going to succeed and send a truly independent representative to the Texas House.

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Patrick McGuinness