“Never Trumper”? Lies.

May 22, 2022
“Never Trumper”? Lies.

Did you see the false attack mailer against me yet? It’s from a fake astroturf PAC that was created just in February, represents no real people, and is funded almost exclusively (100s of thousands of dollars) by Harris’ consultant’s clients.

It’s swamp money using swamp tactics trying to elect Caroline Harris.

They accuse me of being a “Never Trumper”, which is absurd. Yes, I supported and donated to Cruz 2016 for his presidential run in the GOP primary. I even used my software skills and volunteered on Cruz’s Data Team.

But when Trump got our GOP nomination, I staunchly supported him. I proudly voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, vocally supported Trump while President, and support him now. I’m even endorsed by one of Trump’s 2020 Presidential Electors.

But don’t just take my word for it now. Would a “Never Trumper” say these things on his social media over the years?

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The Caroline Harris campaign has received 97% of her campaign funding from special interest PACs and Austin lobbyists. Over $200,000 in funding. Now these same swamp creatures are funding these baseless attacks against me through a fake PAC they created.

Contrary to another dishonest claim in the attack mailer, my campaign has relied on scores of individual donors in the district and my own personal funds for almost all of my funding. I truly am depending on you to support my campaign, and I’ve gotten zero dollars from the Austin Establishment and lobby.

Your final chance to vote is on Election Day, Tuesday, May 24. I need your help to send a message to the Austin Swamp that they cannot buy this election.

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Patrick McGuinness