Local elections are here and conservative voters are needed!

May 5, 2022
Local elections are here and conservative voters are needed!

 This Saturday, May 7th, is election day for many local government offices and I cannot stress the importance of participating. Home and property owners are constantly feeling the squeeze of ever-rising property taxes and it is these local governments that levy them on us.

In 2017, I led the charge against a flawed school bond for the Round Rock public schools. We won that fight because parents and taxpayers banded together and stood up for better planning and lower property taxes. I am proud of that fight and our success, but the truth is, it should have never come to that.

Had the RRISD school board been more responsible and better stewards of the tax dollars they are entrusted with, we would’ve never had to have a fight over a flawed bond package. Leadership matters.

And to get the right kind of leadership, we need November voters in May elections! We need the same people who are sending conservatives to state government stepping up and sending conservatives to local government. In short, we need you.

I’m running to do my part in state government, but we need conservatives at home in local government as well!

You have a few days, look up your local ballotfind a voting location for Saturday that works for you, and then go look up who is running and ask your trusted friends and neighbors who they support! We can change local government if we get involved.

Finally, don’t forget our runoff election! It’s later this month. Remember to mark your calendars: Early Voting runs May 16-20, and Election Day is May 24.


Patrick McGuinness

Also, if you can, please donate to our campaign–every dollar goes towards spreading our message with voters.