Let’s Flip HD 52 Red

January 13, 2022
Let’s Flip HD 52 Red

I am the proven, principled, problem-solving conservative for House District 52.

My name is Patrick McGuinness. I’m a conservative with decades of experience serving the Republican party and fighting for our shared values.

Like so many, I’ve spent my life working hard, raising a family, and practicing my faith. Our liberty, our prosperity, and our nation itself are under assault by Biden and leftist Democrats in D.C. We need to stand up for Texas and fight back against their agenda.

Let’s finally secure our southern border our own way, provide actual property tax relief, empower parents and end leftist indoctrination in our schools, finish the job on election security, and protect life and our 2nd Amendment.

In both my technology career and in politics, I’ve innovated, solved difficult problems and led with vision. I am running for State Representative in House District 52 to put that experience to work and be your voice and your vote.

Check out my website at patmcguinness.org to learn more and follow me on Facebook at /McGuinnessforTexas. Together we can flip this seat RED–for good!


Patrick McGuinness