How We Will Secure Our Border!

January 12, 2022
How We Will Secure Our Border!

It’s time Texas took operational control of its own border. I have a plan to do it.

What is happening on our southern border is the continuation of decades of failure by leaders of both parties in D.C. to seriously protect our nation’s sovereignty, the American people and their property.

It is time Texas stepped up and did it ourselves. It’s possible to do it, if we have leaders in Texas with the will to get it done.

We must:

1) Identify all state-owned lands along the southern border and begin construction of a real border wall immediately.

2) Work with private landowners where possible along the border to fairly and justly compensate them and continue construction of our wall.

3) Utilize all available technologies, such as motion and seismic detectors, drones, infrared and more, to monitor and respond with law enforcement in real-time.

4) Deploy national and state guard resources continuously. No “surges”; we need a permanent increase in manpower.

5) Stop all illegal crossings before they enter Texas–no exceptions. There are legal ports of entry all long our border–anyone wishing to enter our country can utilize one.

I’m not running to just complain about problems, I’m running to fix them!