Elected Officials

“I am proud to endorse my friend Patrick McGuinness for HD-52. Patrick will fight for border security, the right to life, fiscal restraint, and he will defend our Second Amendment. He will also be a champion for our shared conservative values.
-Ted Cruz, Texas Senator

Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Commissioner


Local Leaders

Patrick McGuinness has a track record of standing firm for Conservative Principles and over thirty years of experience solving real problems in the real world. In the Republican Party Primary Runoffs, I’m supporting Patrick for House District 52.”
Jonathan Schober, Former Candidate House District 52

“Patrick is a grassroots patriot who has been active in promoting individual liberty for over 20 years.  Electing him will ensure that the people are heard at the Texas State House.”
Paul Matthews, Williamson County Republican Party Treasurer 2013-2021, CD 31 Presidential Elector for President Trump

“I’ve known Patrick McGuinness for over 16 years. He has long been a leader for conservative grassroots causes and he has the intelligence and diligence to be a first rate state rep for our district.”
James Crabtree, Williamson County ESD  (emergency services district)  #4 Commissioner

“Patrick McGuinness is my kind of people. I whole-heartedly support him.”
Monica Stojanik, Mayor of Granger

“I met Patrick when I first got involved in RRISD. He had three children go through RRISD in the Westwood feeder. Patrick has been extremely involved in the ISD for many years and is a key supporter of Danielle and me. He supported us when we ran last November because he knew we shared values. Patrick’s engagement for many years in the ISD prior to running is important to me. He has demonstrated that he is dedicated to conservative values especially for our children.”
Dr. Mary Bone, Round Rock ISD Trustee

“Patrick is my pick for the state rep seat that represents my community. He is a fellow parent and taxpayer and has an impressive unmatched record as a fighter for conservative values. I have no doubt that the swamp at the Capital will not change him because he can’t be bought and has a steel spine. Please join me in voting for my friend, Patrick McGuinness.”
– Danielle Weston, Round Rock ISD Trustee, Former United States Air Force Captain

“I enthusiastically endorse Patrick.  He is the courageous leader we need in the Texas House of Representatives.”
Colonel Monica A. Harwig, United States Army Reserves (ret.)

“I have had the honor of working with Patrick for the past several years.  He is a smart, decisive leader that will fight for Texas.”
Lieutenant Colonel John M. Harwig, United States Army (ret.)

“Patrick has a documented history of working for the party. He’s one of us.”
Michael Prillaman, Williamson County Republican Party Pct 428 Chair

John Gordon, Former Williamson County Republican Party Chair and former SREC Committeeman

Bob Wisner, Williamson County Republican Party Pct 473 Chair

Warren Gillespie, Williamson County Republican Party Pct 372 Chair

Cathy Jaster, Williamson County Republican Party Pct 245 Chair 

Leslie Winters, Williamson County Republican Party Pct 181 Chair

Christie Slape, Williamson County Republican Party PCT 424 Chair

Ronnie Ables, Siena

James Bernsen, Taylor, TX

Dustin Clark, Round Rock

Local Elected Officials

Rep. Bryan Slaton, Texas State Representative House District 2

David Rogers, Pflugerville City Council

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