Election Day is tomorrow. It’s now or never!

May 23, 2022
Election Day is tomorrow. It’s now or never!

I cannot believe after over seven long months of campaigning we’re going to have a Republican nominee for House District 52.

For those who still have not made their decision, I want to ask you one question: Who do you trust most to represent you, your family, and your values in the Texas House?

I have lived a full life that has prepared me to wrestle with the tough questions before the legislature. I am the only candidate who has raised a family, had kids in our public schools, owned a home and paid those skyrocketing property taxes, and actually worked in the private sector. Life experience matters. 

Furthermore, my campaign is entirely funded through my own contributions and small dollar donors from the district. I have more donors from inside this district than my opponent, and she has received 97% of her campaign money from special interests and lobbyists from Austin. Who can you trust more to take the hard vote or make the hard argument?

I won’t answer to anyone but you.

Patrick McGuinness for House District 52

Your final chance to vote is TODAY, Tuesday, May 24.

You can trust me to represent you and only you. For me, this is a cause, not a career. I’ve already had a successful career. Now I want to serve you and our community.

Click here to find a polling location that works for you.

I humbly ask for your vote.


Patrick McGuinness