As a dad, education is important to me.

April 28, 2022
As a dad, education is important to me.

Parents are waking up to what is happening in our public schools and it has been powerful to watch them step up and fight to protect our kids. We’ve seen it all across the country and right here in Williamson County!

As a father of four, and the only candidate that has raised a family and actually had kids in our public schools, this is personal to me.

When elected to serve as your next state representative, I will always fight to empower parents in education and end leftist indoctrination of our children.

I think Texas needs to follow Florida’s lead and pass a bill that prohibits sexually explicit curriculum in our elementary schools. Gov. DeSantis has led with commonsense, spearheading a bill that prohibits these topics in kindergarten through third grade. We should follow suit and do even more to protect our children and their young minds.

We need to focus schools on their core education mission and keep CRT and indoctrination out of our schools. Local school board elections are happening right now. Early voting ends May 3rd and Election Day is May 7th. Don’t forget to support the conservatives running!

You can count on me, as a father and lifelong conservative, to lead on this issue on day one and represent YOU.

Finally, remember to mark your calendars for the runoff election: Early Voting runs May 16-20, and Election Day is May 24.


Patrick McGuinness