Patrick McGuinness is an engineer, entrepreneur, family man, Constitutional conservative and Republican Party leader. Born the fourth of six children, Patrick learned the value of family and developed a strong work ethic and sense of self-reliance early in life. Patrick was a boy scout and earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

Patrick earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University simultaneously, at age 21, graduating Summa Cum Laude. While in college, Patrick began to become active in Republican politics by joining College Republicans and volunteering for local campaigns.

Patrick McGuinness for State Rep

He obtained a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in 1991, and upon graduating, Patrick married his wife Celeste and moved to central Texas to begin working as an engineer at Motorola. Throughout his 30-year-plus professional career, Patrick has worked for both large high-technology firms as well as startups, most recently working as a machine learning engineer at Dell Technologies. He has led projects and worked as  technical group manager, CTO, and VP of Engineering. Patrick has authored many peer-reviewed papers and co-authored several patents.

Patrick, Celeste, and Mark McGuinness

Patrick and Celeste have spent the last thirty years working and raising their four children—Sarah, Jack, Peter, and Mark—in central Texas. Their three eldest children graduated from Round Rock public schools, two then going on to Texas A&M and one currently still at Baylor University, while his youngest, Mark, currently attends Gateway College Prep near Georgetown. Patrick and his family attend St Helen’s Catholic church in Georgetown. Patrick has also been an active scouting Dad, serving as Assistant Scoutmaster in the troop where his three sons were boy scouts, and joining them on high adventures like Philmont.

For several decades, Patrick has devoted considerable time, talent and treasure to advancing conservative causes and supporting Republican candidates.  Patrick has served as a precinct chair, worked on county GOP committees, and served as the Vice Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party. He also served as an officer for local Republican clubs such as CTRA, as well as founded and led the Austin Tech Republicans club, which became the North Austin Republicans.

Over the years, Patrick volunteered for and donated to countless local central Texas candidates. In 2010, Patrick stepped up and ran for State Representative in a heavily Democrat district. After becoming the Republican nominee, Patrick ran a strong campaign against the incumbent Democrat, and while Patrick was ultimately unsuccessful, he ensured that Republicans in the district had a strong candidate to rally around.

Later in 2016, he used his talents to volunteer on the data team for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. Patrick then led a grassroots local effort in 2017 to defeat a large bond package being pushed by Round Rock ISD, organizing Round Rock parents and taxpayers against it – and won.  For this remarkable achievement, Patrick won a “Texas Conservative Leader” award.

Patrick has spent his life innovating, solving difficult problems and leading with vision in both his technology career and in politics. When elected, he will take his life experiences and leadership skills to the State Capitol, where he will serve the district as a champion for regular tax-paying citizens like him, who have worked hard, raised a family, support the community, and need less government in their lives, not more.