First in the Primary, Now to the Runoff!

March 2, 2022
First in the Primary, Now to the Runoff!
       Number one! With the final numbers in, we received over 5700 votes in this primary, coming in FIRST with a commanding 35% in a busy four-way primary. We move on to a runoff!

        Thank you to everyone who has supported, donated, volunteered and/or voted for me. I could not have gotten here without your help! You are the reason I’m running, and together we can stand up and fight for our conservative values.
       I also congratulate the other candidates for a well-fought race and it was an honor to run with a group of people who have truly put the district first . We worked very hard and ran a positive campaign to get to first place, and the other three candidates did the same, making this election about who to
vote FOR.
Now, let’s win the runoff! Runoff election day is May 24th!