How We Will Lower Property Taxes

December 29, 2021
How We Will Lower Property Taxes

Patrick McGuinness has a plan to actually lower your property taxes!


Politicians have talked for a long time about seriously addressing skyrocketing property taxes in Texas, but as we all know, they’ve never been higher.

Texas is experiencing explosive growth right now. Under our current tax structure, the state continues to bring in record tax collections year after year.

We have a choice: use these tax dollars to grow the size of government, or hold the line on spending and invest in a meaningful plan to buy down local property taxes.

As a proven, principled, problem-solving conservative, where I stand is clear: let’s attack property taxes.

It comes down to three words: Prioritize. Limit. Dedicate.

Prioritize state spending to core functions ONLY.

Limit new state spending to account for population and inflation growth ONLY.

Dedicate all additional tax dollars to buy down local school Maintenance & Operation property taxes—which are nearly half of your property tax bill.

We can transform the lives of Texas home and business owners in a decade or less if we have elected officials with the will to follow this simple plan.

I will. And I will work with other legislators to build a consensus around this commonsense plan to seriously lower the property tax burden on Texans.


Patrick McGuinness